• Experience the Real CUBA! (5-12 FEB 2019)

    C$2,590.00 C$2,260.00

    Our 8-Day Private Cuba Tour, condenses some of the very best sites, sounds and sensations of Cuba into a fun-filled, culture-ladened adventure. The Real Cuba Tour is designed to showcase the 'real' Cuba, including its lively culture, rich history and wonderful people.

    1. Day One: Arrival in Havana
    2. Day Two: Havana
    3. Day Three: Day tour to Viñales
    4. Day Four: Havana
    5. Day Five: Trinidad (with a stop at Santa Clara)
    6. Day Six: Trinidad and surrounding areas
    7. Day Seven: Travel to Havana, stopping in Cienfuegos and a visit to the Bay of Pigs
    8. Day Eight: Departure from Havana
    PACKAGE PRICE (Land & Air): CA$ 2260 Taxes are included
    Single room supplement: CA$260

    NOTE: If you are a solo traveler and would like to share room with someone the same gender, please choose the "DOUBLE" Room option. We will find a roommate for you.

    - Deposit: CA$ 500 (non-refundable)
    - Balance due: 2 months before the trip (DEC 4th, 2018)
    - No extra charge for payments by "e-transfer" or "cheque". But if you would like to pay by debit/credit card or paypal, 3% fee will be added to the above prices.
    Group size: Maximum 12 participants (small group tour)

    -International flights (Toronto - Havana - Toronto) non-stop on Air Canada

    - Accompanying Tour Leader from Toronto
    - Local English-Speaking Guide
    - 7 night accommodation at Casas Particulares (known as B&B's / Guesthouses)
    - 7 Breakfasts
    - 2 Lunches
    - Private Air-Conditioned Transportation
    - Airport Transfers
    - The following Activities and Excursions
    ⭐ Guided orientation walk (dependent on arrival time).
    ⭐ Convertible Classic Car Trip to El Morro Fort and El Cristo de La Habana
    ⭐ Old Havana Walking Tour.
    ⭐ Classic Car Havana Tour.
    ⭐ 1 x drink at Hotel Nacional over-looking Malecon OR Salsa Lesson OR Mojito making lesson.
    ⭐ Vinales Day Tour with lunch at an organic farm.
    ⭐ Rum Museum and Cigar Factory.
    ⭐ Museum of the Revolution OR Museum of Fine Arts OR Finca Vigia.
    ⭐ Callejon de Hamel.
    ⭐ Che Guevara Memorial (closed on Mondays).
    ⭐ Trinidad township guided walk including Palacio Cantero, Canchanchara, Palacio Brunet, Plaza Mayor, Museo Romantico, Pottery workshop.
    ⭐ Casa de la Musica.
    ⭐ Two options from Playa Ancon, Valley of the Sugar Mills, Salto del Caburní waterfall trek.
    ⭐ Palenque de los Congos Reales.
    ⭐ Cienfuegos Guided City Walk.
    ⭐ Bay of Pigs Museum.
    ⭐ Swim/ Snorkel at the Bay of Pigs.

    FLIGHT DETAILS (direct flights on Air Canada)


    Tuesday, February 5th, 2019: Toronto, CA (YYZ) - Havana, CU (HAV) 20.15 23.50 Non-stop - 3hr25m

    Tuesday, February 12th, 2019: Havana, CU (HAV) - Toronto, CA (YYZ) 07.00 10.25 Non-stop - 3hr35m


    *** Walking through the streets of Old Havana, you’ll hear music and laughter as much as you will hear ‘no es facil’ (it ain’t easy). Traveling through Cuba is not for everyone but for those who do make the trip, they most often fall in love with the country and its people. This tour is designed for those people who want to experience the Real Cuba. Those with a sense of adventure, who want to immerse themselves in Cuban culture and experience first-hand its unique way of life.
    Accompanied by your local Cuban guide , this professionally run small-group private Cuba tour will take you to the very heart of the real Cuba, a place unlike any other, that will continue to captivate the senses on a day by day basis. This tour is for travellers, not tourists – people who understand that experiencing a country takes a little more effort than looking out of a bus window.

    Our tour is dedicated to supporting the Cuban people, patronizing privately owned small businesses across Cuba. Your itinerary is designed to introduce you to the local Cuban people and steer funds towards its citizens. On our tour you will stay in Casa Particulares (privately run Cuban B&B’s) and eat at Paladares (privately run restaurants). You will also have the chance to interact with Cuban’s from all walks of life, listening to their stories, and sharing your own.

    ------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTES -----------------------------

    As a minimum, you will need an average level of fitness and mobility to join this tour. Partaking in small group travel can be more "physically demanding" than your more conventional holidays. You should be able to walk without the aid of another person, climb a couple of flights of stairs, step on and off buses and other forms of transport, and carry your own luggage on cobblestone streets.

    FOOD (Lunch & Dinner)
    The guide will make recommendations and reservations for lunches and dinners and take the group to restaurants that we trust and that we know use good food hygiene methods for preparing and cooking food.

    Is it safe to drink the water in Cuba?
    You should only consume bottled water while in Cuba. This is sometimes easier said than done. When you find a store that sells bottled water it can be advisable to buy more than you need (for later use). Water is sold in CUC and is ordinarily priced at approxi- mately 1 CUC per bottle.

    Everyone is different in the amount of money they will spend on our Cuba tour. Your main expenses on our 8 Day Cuba Tour will be food, drinks, airport departure transportation, souvenirs, and tips. For our 8 Day Cuba tour we estimate that you will need approximately CUC40.00 - CUC50.00 – per person, per day to cover your local expenses.

    Canadian citizens travelling on a Canadian passport // OR // holders of Canadian Permanent Residency status (e.g.Canadian Landed Immigrants) with a current and valid PR card and a current and valid passport do not require a visa to visit Cuba as tourists for less than 30 days.

    Is Cuba a safe place to travel?
    Cuba is very safe in terms of crime, and while violent crime is almost non-existent, there are still occasional incidents. Use your best judgment when it comes to your personal safety, and when it comes to keeping your possessions safe.

    Is it easy to go online in Cuba?
    A very small percentage of the Cuban population are able to access the internet from their homes. These lucky few need to access a dial-up network via their telephone line, which is a method of internet access that has been superseded by high-speed wireless access in most of the world.

    Do most Casas have hairdryers?
    It’s fairly unlikely, so it’s advisable to bring your own hairdryer.

    Do I need to pay an airport departure tax?
    Since May 1, 2015 the Cuban Departure Tax will no longer be paid at destination. It should be included in the price of your trip when buying a flight-only or vacation package to Cuba.

    What kind of weather can I expect in Cuba?
    One of the things that makes Cuba such an alluring destina- tion is the fact that it enjoys a tropical climate, with a year-round temperate weather. March to April, and October to November are generally the months with the least rain and the most appealing temperatures.

    The tourist season typically lasts from December until the middle of April. This is the high season, with slightly higher prices and often significantly higher visitor numbers. Tropi- cal storm activity can often be found from June until November, which makes this period the official hurricane season.

    It’s not usually a major concern, as Cuba experiences a much lower frequency of hurricanes and tropical storms than other parts of the Caribbean. Cuba is well-prepared for hurricanes and storms and there are comprehensive evacu- ation procedures. It’s unlikely that hurricane season will affect your time in Cuba.

    Will my credit card work in Cuba?
    ATMs in Cuba will accept the majority of Visa cards, but will not accept MasterCards.

    How do I change my money to the local currency in Cuba?
    There are two local currencies. The Cuban convertible peso (CUC) is used by visitors. There is also the Cuban peso (CUP) which is used by locals. Presently, the CUC is set at a fixed rate of 1.00 CUC for each USD $1.00 . This rate is determined by the Cuban Government and is subject to change at anytime, although variations to this fixed rate have not occurred for quite some time. US dollars are subject to an additional 10% surcharge when being exchanged for CUC. This surcharge is only applied to US dollars, and does not apply when exchanging any remaining CUC back to US dollars. The CUC can be obtained at any CADECA exchange house or bank, which can be found in every city in Cuba.

    There is a CADECA ( Casas de Cambio SA) office at Havana’s José Martí International Airport, allowing you to obtain CUC immediately upon arrival. When leaving Cuba, you can also change any leftover CUC for another currency. The CUC is a closed currency, meaning you will not be able to exchange any remaining CUC outside of Cuba. You will need to show your passport to exchange any currency in Cuba. When exchanging cash between foreign currencies and CUC, many foreign currencies will be listed, however we strongly recommend that you only exchange European Union euros, Canadian dollars, and British pounds in Cuba. US dollars can be exchanged (with the previously mentioned surcharge), and most CADECA offices will be unable to exchange other currencies, such as Australian or New Zealand dollars.

    Do I need any vaccinations?
    It depends on your personal circumstances. While there are "no compulsory vaccinations required" to enter Cuba, the following vaccinations are advisable as a precautionary measure. They might also be required to satisfy the requirements of your travel insurance. Check with your insurance provider for details. These vaccinations must be administered at least two weeks before you travel, although two months before travel is preferred. Typhoid / Hepatitis A / Diphtheria / Tetanus and Polio

    Is there a standard amount or percentage for tipping?
    Tipping in Cuba is subjective and it’s entirely up to you how much you wish to tip (although a small tip is almost always expected). It’s not like the US where a percentage of the overall cost is gener- ally given as a tip. To assist you in tipping your Cuban guides and drivers, we’ve come up with a straightforward guideline for rough- ly how much to give, based on your satisfaction of the services received. Please remember that this is only a guideline, and you might wish to give a higher or lower amount depending on your culture and preference:

    Cuban Tour Guide: 8-10 CUC per traveler per day Cuban Bus Driver: 5-7 CUC per traveler per day Bartenders: 1 CUC per drink Waiters: 15% of the cost of the meal, OR 1 CUC (whichever amount is higher) Housekeepers: 1 CUC per day Taxi Drivers: 15% of the fare Musicians: 1 CUC Bathroom Attendants: Use your small coins — 10 centavos, 25 centavos, etc. Tipping in Cuba can be an extremely rewarding experience. Tips are very important when it comes to supplementing the average Cuban’s income (which is low), so we encourage our travelers to embrace the joy of giving, and feel good about leaving gratuities for the Cuban people who work to make your time in Cuba such a memorable one. Note: Please don’t leave coins unless they’re in CUC. Cuban banks will not change foreign coins into either of the local currencies.


    If you have any questions, please email to: info@funtours.ca  Emergency contact: 416-897-3020