• Fall colors of Algonquin Park (October 2019)

    C$149.00 C$139.00

    Join us on a fabulous day trip to see the Algonquin Park’s Fall Colors  

    3 Pick-up Locations: Mississauga, York Mills Station, and Vaughan (Hway 400/Major Mackenzie Dr. W) 

    Tour's duration: about 14 hours

    Toronto – Algonquin Park – Spectacle Lake – Toronto 

    Algonquin Park is Ontario’s oldest, largest and most visited Provincial Park.  It is one of the most beautiful destinations in Ontario, especially during the fall colours! It is world famous for its hiking, canoeing, sightseeing, fishing, bird watching and moose sightings. Along with the Moose you could possibly see White-tailed Deer, Black Bears, Beavers, Loons and Gray Jays just to name some of the wildlife. Algonquin Park has 7,725 square kilometers of forests, beaches, lakes, bogs, and cliffs. Maple trees, aspens, tamaracks, spruces, and red oaks all change colour in September and October, so you can be sure your trip will be beautiful.


    ************  ITINERARY ************ 

    7.00 AM: Our 1st Pick-up location is: 30 Courtney Park Drive East, Mississauga. (Please arrive 15 Min earlier)

    7.30 AM: Our 2nd pick-up location is: York Mills Station  

    8.00 AM: Our 3rd pick-up location is: Vaughan (Hway 400/Major Mackenzie Dr. W) 

    We will drive towards Algonquin Park West Gate (260 Km – 3 hours).

    8.30 - 9.00 AM: We will have a short stop for Breakfast en route (cost of breakfast is not included)

    11.30 AM: We will visit Algonquin Visitor Centre, where we have 1 hour time to watch a short video and indoor walk around to see the natural and cultural history exhibits, and viewing Deck. 

    While you are there, you have a chance to do the Fire Tower Trail: This fully accessible trail is 200 metres (660 feet) round-trip and goes to a viewpoint overlooking the Sunday Creek valley where there is a replica of a cupola (wooden lookout structure) that was at the top of steel fire towers in Algonquin Park. Length: 200 metres (round-trip). Level of difficulty: Easy. Location:  The Fire Tower Trail is located at the entrance to the Algonquin Visitor Centre  

    Fire Tower Trail in Algonquin ParkFire Tower Trail in Algonquin ParkFire Tower Trail in Algonquin Park

    2nd OPTION: Instead of visiting the "Visitor Centre", you can choose to hike the "Spruce Bog Boardwalk Trail". Spruce Bog Boardwalk contains several boardwalk sections in this 1.5 km loop trail that give you an excellent close-up look of two typical northern spruce bogs. Length: 1.5 km loop = 20 min walk. Level of difficulty: Easy

    The trail head is located at 1.5 km from the visitor Centre. Therefore, you will need 45 minutes to do this option.

    "Spruce Bog Boardwalk TrailSpruce Bog Boardwalk TrailSpruce Bog Boardwalk Trail

    12.30 PM: Drive from Algonquin Visitor Centre to Spectacle Lake Lodge (52 km =1 hour)

    1.30 PM: We will enjoy a delicious lunch buffet at Spectacle Lake Restaurant.

    After lunch, you will have free time to enjoy Canoeing in Spectacle Lake (weather permitting)

    3.00 PM:  Drive back to Algonquin park to visit Logging Museum (30 min drive), where we have a hiking in the outdoor museum along a very beautiful marsh. The hiking trail is an easy-to-walk 1.3-kilometres trail.

    4.30 PM: Drive back to Toronto (310 km). 

    We will have a short washroom/coffee stop on route.

    We expect to arrive at Vaughan around 8.00 PM, York Mills Station around 8.30 PM and Mississauga around 9.00 PM (with regular traffic)  

    The drop off times are all approximate, and subject to change based on the Traffic.



    Adult:  $139 + Tax

    **All prices are per person, in Canadian dollars. 

    **Children 8 and older are welcome on this tour, same price as adults.

    What’s Included

    ·  Round trip transportation on a Highway coach

    ·  Lunch Buffet at a nice restaurant in Spectacle Lake

    ·  Accompanying Tour Director

    ·  Canoeing in Spectacle Lake (weather permitting)

    ·  Admission to Algonquin Provincial Park

    ·  Visit the Visitor Centre and the Logging Museum in Algonquin Park

    · Complimentary bottled water during the trip

    · All Gratuities 

    * Lunch Buffet Menu: 

    • Salad Bar - • Perogies -• Meatballs - • VeggieLasagna -• Veggie Dish - • Chicken Dish - • Fish - - Including Tea, Coffee and desserts.



    • This tour is considered as easy-medium activity. The hike last approximately 1 hour.  

    • Our tours are in ENGLISH language only.

    ·  Appropriate clothing and footwear are highly recommended (based on the weather)

    ·  We assign the seats based on first paid first served. In case you and your companion pay separately, to be seated together, please send an email to:  sean@funtours.ca  after placing your order


    PARKING / PICK- UP Location

    1st pick-up location: Mississauga The address of the plaza is: 30 Courtneypark Dr E, Mississauga, ON L5T 2Y3. The bus will stop outside the plaza, right in front of the McDonalds -on Hurontario.  You can wait in the McDonalds until the bus arrives. The bus will be visible through the restaurant windows. Cars can be parked for the day in the plaza parking lot. Parking is free.

    2nd pick-up location: York Mills Station. The bus will stop on Yonge St., directly outside the Starbucks at 4025 Yonge St. This is the York Mills Centre office building on the North-East corner of Yonge St. & York Mills Rd. The York Mills subway station is in the basement of this building. If it is raining or snowing, you are welcome to wait either in Starbucks or in the lobby of the office tower until you see the bus stop in front of Starbucks. For day trips, cars can be parked in the parking lot directly across the street on the North-West corner of Yonge & York Mills Rd. This is a pay and display parking lot.

    3rd pick-up location is: Vaughan Carpool Lot (Hway 400/Major Mackenzie Dr. W). This carpool lot is at the intersection of Hwy 400 & Major Mackenzie Dr. W.  Please check the directions through google map. This is a Government of Ontario, Ministry of Transportation Carpool Lot. Cars may be left here for up to 5 days. Parking is free. Carpool name: Hwy 400 Carpool Lot Stop # 5749   Address: Vaughan, ON L4H 2V7

    ************* IMPORTANT NOTIFICATIONS *************


    Our trips are for all ages

    Our tours are perfectly designed for all ages. However, they are often fast-paced, and sometimes tiring, packed with adventure, new experiences and feel-good moments. Therefore, we ask that anyone wanting to travel with us carefully consider whether any PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS prevent you from fully enjoying our trips.


    Traveling with children: Due to the fast-paced nature of our group tours, all children require adult supervision. Some of our more active excursions may not be suitable for children under the age of 8.


    Embrace the nature of Group Travel

    To get the most out of your tour, pack a positive attitude and an open mind. These are most certainly valuable when travelling in a group. Despite the very best intentions and planning, things can and do go wrong and occasionally we encounter problems beyond our control, such as delayed public transport and adverse weather conditions. In such situations we ask for your patience and we will endeavor to keep as close to our scheduled itinerary as possible.



    If you have any questions, please email to: info@funtours.ca - or call: 416-874-1713